"like a wildflower" Editorial. 
Like a wildflower is about reconnecting with nature and expresses our desire to feel reinvented by the spring. There is a mood of departure. “Vibe-Shift” is one of the trend themes for spring/summer 2024. After crises and times of pandemic, there is a change of mood. We want to free ourselves from these times, unleash ourselves and be able to live out our lives again. Life is precious and with it all the dreams and moments it holds for us. The new season also heralds a newfound spirit. SS24 is the epitome of lightness and freedom - in nature we find a retreat into a “dream world.” Dreamy and fairytale-like are attributes that describe this collection. The female body is in the foreground and underlines the sensual image of a “wildflower” that stands for independence and naturalness, which is able to grow everywhere at any time. 

Editorial by @rufusengelhard 
Design, Styling & Concept: @anna__marleen 
Model: @claraa.nls
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